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--I am not going to change the survey from my other journal because the people that were already my friends just might have the urge to bitch about it--

::::Some Questions For You So That I Can Accept You::::

Does Your Name Suit You?
Why or Why Not?
10 favorite bands:
Band you hate:
Band you like but people cant accept it:
8 movies:
4 bass players:
15 bands and your favorite band member out of that band:

:::::Stand Up:::Give Your Opinion:::::

Here it goes i have dislikes [lots of them] if you disagree comment and tell me....i like people to be honest [also if you think i should like something tell me why]....NEXT....tell me some things you dislike give me at least 10 [AND;if you dislike it that much you will give a reason]

To Modify:::::My Dislikes Are

+++ Teens who claim their life sucks when they are 13, your life hasn't even begun so shut the hell up or I'll kill you myself.
+++ Pop music
+++ Rap music
+++ Animal Cruelty (If you support any form of animal cruelty you are a idiot)
+++ When somebody hates someone for their musical preference, I don't like rap or pop, but that doesn't mean I automatically hate whoever listens to it.
+++ People who hate gays (No, I'm not gay, I just hate people who have a problem with them)
+++ People who copy/steal/use my profile or photos and claim them as their own.
+++ People that dislike anything before they know give it a chance.
+++ POSERS....(i could go on forever)
+++ People that cut there wrist just to show it off
+++ People that just scratch there wrist with a razor blade, show it off and say they have a hard life and that is the only way out....
+++ Teenage Suicide
+++ People that give on word for there dislike (if you disliked it that much u give a reason)
+++ People that are to afraid to stand up for what they believe in
+++ Billy Idol (!)
+++ People that think i am "goth" "emo" a freak or depressed. I am very happy with my life, at this moment.My belief is that the world is what you make it. If you think that there is a god, or some higher power/deity, and you can let your beliefs run your life, then that is your problem.
+++ [George W. Bush] I do not trust George W. Bush. It's not that I have a strong political opinion-I could care less-, but I don't think that a guy with the horrible history of running businesses that he has, should be running our country. Especially with that "go get 'em" attitude he has. We could've taken over Iraq in a much more efficiant way had we waited for proper assistance.
+++ Rich Kids I'm not very fond of rich kids, not because they're rich, just because they will always have the spoiled brat attitude.
+++ Linkin Park (!X!)
+++ People who play there life out as trying to be someone else,be yourself....nothings better.
+++ The fact that people are probably bored of reading my dislikes.

:::And as for Baje's:::

||| People who eat with their mouth open, or make disgusting noises when they eat
||| Members on this site who come to my profile and put me down and pretend they actually know what they are talking about
||| Young "I'm so suicidal" gothic kids
||| Bad makeup
||| Drugs
||| Body hair
||| Attention cutters
||| Animal cruelty
||| Rap music
||| The modern money-hungry pop industry
||| Men who have lack of or no respect for women, you pieces of shit give ALL males a bad name
||| Some people on this site who have "hail satan!" and "I am a satanist!" on their profile, yet they bitch about hardcore Christians because they preach their religion to people... well, you're doing the exact same thing. The only difference is, the Christians actually KNOW something about their religion

:!:And as one more thing:!:

You get the little privilege to ask me 5 questions any five you want and I will answer them.(as long as they dont piss me off)